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Dynaquad and listening modes

Just wondering if you have experience with Dynaquad listening mode, and/or Nearfield listening mode?
These are two ways of arranging the speakers and listening spot for very specific benefits.
Care to share experiences?

Dynaquad and listening modes

I remember Dynaquad !

A passive surround decoding method by the great David Hafler whereby you setup a third speaker, located behind the listener and driven by the L-R difference signal.

I had a Dynaco surround decoder many years ago, just when Dolby Surround and Pro-Logic was starting to take off.

The Dynaco wasn't as exciting when decoding movies but it didn't suffer from the problems that active decoders had at the time; circuit noise, pumping noise as the surround logic sound bounced from channel to channel, uneven frequency balance etc.

With music the Dynaco excelled.
It didn't alter the sonics of the front speakers, all it did was add ambience albeit with some occassional funny effects as the Dynaco did not differentiate between intentional out of phase material and accidental.

It wasn't until the Fosgates that I found an active surround decoder to outperform the little Dynaco and even the Fosgates had problems with music playback.