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Eagle International A4400 amplifier.

Hello to all. I recently purchased an amplifier off EBay called an Eagle International A4400, from 1977.I can find no specs whatsoever on the internet, including this great website, and I was wondering if any members had any info at all regarding this amp. It was made in Japan, uses Motorola output transistors, and am guessing about 40 WPC. Thank You in advance.

Re: Eagle International A4400 amplifier.

Hi, A quick google search turned up the following about Eagle International.

Name: Eagle International, Wembley Middlesex. (GB)
Abbreviation: eagleprod
Products: Model types

World-Wide Distributor of Eagle Products, operating in the 1960s and 70s.

Distributed through a dealer network a range of components and low-cost test equipment, mainly aimed at the audio and less complex industrial markets. Some amateur radio items were also included.

Head Office was at Eagle International Precision Centre, Heather Park Drive, Wembley, Middlesex.

Offices were also established in Brussels, Rotteredam, New York, Seoul and Tokyo.

It is apparent that some directors of Eagle also had their own electronic companies. Eagle therefore acted as Group buyers - The Audiotronic Group.


Re: Eagle International A4400 amplifier.

Thanks for the info, Bob. I didn't put Wembley into the search, just Eagle International, so now I should be able to find some details out. Found out some info regarding the company, made several types of equipment, test and audio, and info about the A6400 amp, but nothing about the A4400. Apparently they even made cassette decks too!