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Electrocompaniet AW-100 (Ampliwire 100)

Could anyone help me getting a service manual or schematics for Electrocompaniet AW100? (I'm interested in the classic version, rather than the newer DMB or FTT versions)

AW250 Circuit Schematic needed

Hi I have one of the original AW250 with the grayisg face and the black handles..I have had it in and out of the repair shop as the green power light does not come on. I check the 4 fuses..all seem to be good..then the repair person says he has changed the main fuse..not sure which one he is referring to..is there another fuse fuse #5 that I am not aware of..I live 200 miles away from the repair facility and do have a basic knowledge of electronics..so a schematic for the aw250 would be greatly appreciated as it costs me over a $100 each way to the shop to be told it was a fuse..I love the sound of the aw250 and want to keep it functioning as it should..

Electrocompaniet AW-100

Hello sir,
I service those good oldies from EC. Not that i'm affiliated with EC but I just like them. As I did back in 1986.
About your AW-100: I know three types of them. First I need to know which type. The serialnumber would only be helpfull if the unit is in 100% original state. Unfortunatly, many of them died due to "misunderstandings".
I need a photo of a: your Power-supply board, and photos from the amplifier board and daughter board.
Hint: Check if your pcbs look the same regarding the amp and daughter boards.
I have one here that has been around .... well a lot. Cannibalized, the poor thing and underpowered too with the power supply pcb's of an aw-65. (!) Yep there are technicians out there ......
Despite everything EC made..... they never beat the two channel :)

I can help with schematics, and advise.

i'm just new here, so please don't expect me to be on frequently, send me a message :)


Servicemanual for Electrocompaniet

Hello Johan

I bought recently a set of Electrocompaniet (pre and poweramplifier).
I have replaced a bad transistor on a powerboard in the poweramplifier, so now both devices plays.
But the bias and DC-offset needs to be adjusted, I think.
And the preamplifier has some small errors.
So I need service manuals or schematics (and perhaps some advise?).

The preamlifier is a Preampliwire II - it so says on the back.
But I can't get the type of the poweramplifier.
I dont think it is a Ampliwier II, but it looks similar (in the same box).
My has two powersupply-boards with socketconnection to the four amplifier-boards.
On a label inside is a date in '84 is noted. And it gets very hot.

Can you help me?

Hi Johan

I have an AW-100 and the sound often dissapears or suddenly getting to a lower level on both channels. So ive opened it and found out that it is the relay that need to be changed on both channels. Do you have 2 relays? They are marked with: Rapa 48Vdc 8A/250vac. And the schematics would be great if you have it. In advance Thanks

Mail: trond_jansen@yahoo.no

Hello Trond, I have send you

Hello Trond,

I have send you a message with some questions about your 100.
Based on your answer I will send you the appropriate schematic for your board(s)

With kind regards,
Johan Polman

ec aw100 dmb

Hi Johan,
I am new here i have a very tricky problem with my ec aw100 dmb.It keeps destroying the output transistors A1302 and C3281 after 1 to 2 weeks and have to replace again.Dont know why.A schematics will be much appreciated to check where i have really done wrong.

ec aw100dmb

Hello James.

I'm kinda busy lately (hey hey).
I had to work this a little bit in my brain. The thing I come up with is the following in addition to my earlier answer.
Did you check if the amplifier isn't oscillating ?
Does it "go kaput" on high levels, or no level ? Does it have original transistors ? Or does it has replacements ?
The amplifier easily delivers 80A, but not for long. If your output devices fail each time ... wow.
On the left side of the amplifier pcb (transistor up, parts side towards you) is one transistor that could be
a pain. Inspect and resolder that particular one. (you can spot it by its dull solder connections. if it does look good it is not always good).
Difficult to guess for me, but I would first check for oscillating. This thing can go up to 1Mhz. There are a few filters build around Styroflex capacitors. Renew the capacitors anyway because if one of them is faulty some very strange things can occur.
Last but not least, Did you set the bias by measuring on the correct emitter resistor ?, and, does your amplifier produces dc at the output ? Aligning close to 0v is an absolute must, like 0,001v.

Cheers !

hi johan, and thanks a lot

hi johan,
and thanks a lot for your message (it's just now that i got to see it). your comments make perfect sense: i have had an aw100 schematics for a long long time but it doesn't match the actual circuit, giving me a lot of frustration. hence my message here, and the hope that someone charitable has some reliable information.
i'll gladly send you all the pics and the other info, but i don't quite know how to (i'm new here, myself). if the site allows, here is my address: sapphonara34@netscape.net