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English Language Service Information for Philips N4418 Tape Recorder

Although I already have schematic diagrams, etc., for the above 3speed Reel to Reel Recorder, the accompanying service data is only in German. My knowledge of German is not very good, so I'm hoping someone can provide an
English language copy of the Manual. I mainly need info. on the Speed Control Circuit. For some reason, when I select the 4.76cm/sec(1.875ips)position, the
machine runs at 9.5cm/sec(3.75ips), although the selector switch is working as it should. The 3.75ips position is OK, as is the 7.5ips(19cm/sec)one, although I
haven't tried playing a tape at 7.5ips)
A tape stroboscope for the 3 speeds would be helpful, but I don't possess one.