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FISHER model 203 receiver - need volume pot.

Labeled VR504 on the pc board I estimate it to be 100Kohms end-to-end. It has a 50% loudness tap also. If you have a spare, whether it be NOS or something that is salvageable from a chassis I am interested in buying. Ideally it must not be "scratchy" or intermittent. I want something better than what I am replacing.

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Thank you.

Re: FISHER model 203 receiver - need volume pot.

why do you need to replace the volume control?

Re: FISHER model 203 receiver - need volume pot.

It's been abused during its life. Does not have a true stopping point whether it be FCW or CCW rotation. On top of this it is scratchy/noisy.

Do you have a "like" potentiometer? Something that is in good shape? If so, what is your asking price?

Please advise.

Re: FISHER model 203 receiver - need volume pot.

no, I don't have a replacement but if it comes down to throwing it in the garbage you may want to try this, give it a quick squirt of WD40, do not soak it, there are some on here that will tell you not to use WD40 but I have used it on my own vintage stereo that the volume control was giving problems and it is still working good after 3 years, if you do try this please report back and tell if this makes any change to the way the control works, if the control is physically broken this won't do any good but by the way you described it, it sounds like a very dirty control