hifi engine

Found a bunch of these in my garage, trying to figure out what they are....

Very heavy square devices with some sort of eyelets sticking out of the sides, I would think for hooking wires to, numbered from 1 - 13. Stamped with "Michaelson Audio", a crystal-like design, then "Chronos" on one side; PTX-100 , 23250-B on another. Can anyone tell me what this is?

Garage Find

I am not exactly sure what your describing. I magnified your pic and I could read Integrated Amplifier. Not sure what the words are beside the lower dial. So It's definitely an AMP and it looks to be well built. From the Picture I see tubes on each side. Some Audio enthusiast believe nothing sounds better than a tube AMP

Michaelson Audio

They may be transformers for a Michaelson Audio Chronos power amplifier?


Here is a picture of my old Michaelson Audio Odysseus - the output transformers are either side at the back.