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Fuse for DynacFM-5 tuner

Trying to ID and locate the correct fuse for my tuner
The Manuel suggests a 1/10 A 120 volt was standard in US models
When I removed the blown fuse, is looks like a 3 A 125 volt
The remove 'old' fuse is 1 1/4 inch long

I'd appreciate someones input as to correct replacement and identification of a vendor

Thanks, jack

Fuse for DynacFM-5 tuner

Hi Jack,

As a former Dyna employee, I can tell you that the manual is correct; the fuse is a 1/10amp standard 3AG style fuse. Someone replaced the original fuse with that 3 amp one. If I remember correctly, the FM-5 only drew about 8 watts during normal operation.


Fuse for DynacFM-5 tuner

Thank's for the confirmation of the FM-5fuse type.
I've been trying to locate a supplier, and having no luck.
Any suggestions as to where a 1/10 amp 120 v 3AG style fuse can be acquired?