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get 'index' page when req'ing Marantz schems

Hello. Am new to this forum. Registered, logged in & attempted to download either the schems OR svc. manual for Marantz 2325 but only get
a 'System Message':

"Empty referer - no referring page. That means the file has been called directly or you are using software that prevents passing the HTTP referer (browser, firewall, proxy server)" etc.

I'm using IE6 w/ no firewall or proxy (that I Know of) & running XP-Home as my OS. What gives? (Haven't had probs at other sites) -gearhed7


The error message means that you have software that is blocking the referrer i.e. the name of the page you clicked on the link. This prevents unauthorised linking of files from other sites which causes excessive bandwidth. There are numerous security programs that block referrer information as standard (eg Norton Anti-Virus). Visitors running referrer blocking software or behind a proxy need to disable this feature to download files from this site.