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Going back to the future of quadraphonics: Sansui QRX-9001

Hello all,

It starts with a 14 year old me saving the old 8-tracks and player I loved listening to from when I was a littler kid. My mom was going to "just toss" them or donate them, but some reason I felt I should keep them. Fast forward and now in my 40's, I still have the same 8 tracks and our Panasonic RS-845US 4 channel player. Surprisingly the good condition tapes work and the player plays them nicely.....most of the time for both. However the digital Sony receiver was able to process the 2channel tapes but once the 4channel passed through, it became utterly confused- something I never have seen before.

The remedy was a Sansui QRX-9001. I hooked up 4 speakers as fronts-all Infinity Entra Three's} group A.
A pair of JBL LX-22's and a pair of either Polk ? floor standing or Cervin Vega XLS-6 as the rear speakers.} group B.
I also experimented swapping speakers and they're location in the living room. Note: my living room looks like a forest of speakers now that I addeed even more.

The problem is I cant get all the speakers to work in relation to the matrix chosen and with the accompanying matrix source;
QS, SQ, etc. Obviously I would match the music with the correct 4 channel mode.
All channels on the receiver and speakers reproduce sound!
But most of the time only 3 speakers are actually heard.
Example: QS mode (group A front and B rear)= speakers 123 work, not 4
4-CD mode= speakers 234 work, not 1
Hall mode= speakers 124 work, not 3

Make sense???????
So I have came to the conclusion the proper set up quadraphonics on a Sansui 9001 is a pain in the butt.
Its possible the cause is user error (me, Ive made mistakes) or its mechanical.

Can anyone help, advise, share, or prescribe information pertaining to set up, equipment, and anything relating to vintage 4 channel audio????????

**My rig of vintage equipment:
Sansui QRX-9001 receiver
Dual c830 cassette tape deck (stereo)
Panasonic RS-845US 8track player (quad)
Technics SL-5300 turntable with a Empire diamond stylus/ cartridge (?)
Infinity Entra Three floor standing speakers (2 pair)
JBL LX-22 bookshelf speakers
Polk R40 floor standing speakers
12 gauge speaker wire

*Sansui G-7700
*Technics SL-1200mk2
*Audiosource 100 EQ
Cervin Vega XLS-6 bookshelf speakers

Thank you,

Re: Going back to the future of quadraphonics: Sansui QRX-9001

While Sansui made one of the better quad units, there is a lot of switches, and controls that get spotty with age, and can become intermittent. Try exercising the switches and controls to see if you can get sound back on the channel not producing sound in the different 4 channel modes. A good possibility this is causing the issue and will require cleaning and applying deoxit to all controls and switches. The pushbutton switches are usually the culprit, although rotary function controls can get spotty as well.
But I have also found that Sansui's can also have problems with the electrolytics and small signal transistors on the 4 channel boards as well. Hopefully your problem is just switches and controls. You can also tap the speaker relay to see if those connections internal are dirty, although problems with the relay will usually affect the same speaker, and not travel from one to the other like yours.
But your QXR9001 id considered the best by many. I have a 6001, and a 7001 and they work great. But I have a Sansui QRX 7500 that recently developed problems on the 4 channel boards, causing channels to get noisy and drop out. A project for me to do as the weather get cold!!!

Good luck.

Re: Going back to the future of quadraphonics: Sansui QRX-9001

Thank you for the advice and my apologies for the severely long time to respond.
My 9001 problems ended, sorta-not really, before the end of the year. It stopped working…..period. Major problem!
Solution: Save money to restore it because it will be expensive.

Re: Going back to the future of quadraphonics: Sansui QRX-9001

Also…recently I acquired a QRX-777 with QuadBob's modification and partial restoration/recap. It works well but sometimes/some days the face illumination wanes dim from normal. Still saving $ for the 9001.