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7:12 PM 7/21/2013

I have a
1. NAD- model 2200 power-amplifer (power rating120v,60Hz, 700VA)
S/N B50601160

2. NAD- model 1155 pre-amplifer (power rating120v,60Hz, 17W)
S/N B 50601160

3. NAD- model stereo tuner 4130 AM/FM tuner

NOW you can Laugh all you want. BUT it gets better....
I moved it and can not get it to play. In other words--I can not

remember how to hook up the wires!!!! :) (Well, I am pretty sure of

where the speaker wires go :) ).

I downloaded the manuals from hifiengine but they do not show the wire

connection. I don't want to fry anything, they are old but play well.
If there is anyway someone can help me, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks ahead.

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Infact it is simple,
The output of the pre-amp goes in the normal input of the power amp and the tuner you hook it up to the preamp where it says tuner.
If the speakers are connected it has to play now.

Good for someones amusement

Thank you very much. I will try it out today or tomorrow.

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Hi guys,
I did the wiring lust as said. No sound.
What exactly does "Don't forget the mains supply.
" mean? Power?

Any way I did the "output of the pre-amp goes in the normal input of the power amp and the tuner you hook it up to the preamp where it says tuner.
If the speakers are connected it has to play now." To the letter.
I have tried 2 separate speakers just to elimanate the chance of a bad speaker. Do I need to have both speakers connected to test the system? I didnt think so but am going to try.

Any other suggestions would really be appreciated

Good for someones amusement

Well---I'm getting sound!!!!!!!!
Not equal in both speakers. I may have blown a speaker or someting in the stero. BUT for right now I have something to work with :)

I will keep you posted as I go along.

Thanks very much

Good for someones amusement

OK, me again.
I got good sound from 2 speakers. The speakers I had are not working. One just kind of squeaks out some music. These are custom built speakers. They use a heavier gauge wire.
I couldnt turn up the system past 5 without blowing out the windows and having neighbors throw garbage at my house :)

Now they are pretty dead. I wish they would work, I use them as end tables and loved the sound.
I also have a wire left from the last time this sys was together (2 connections at each end). Could have been doing nothing as far as I know, but I thought it may have had something to do with the bigger speakers working?

I really do appreciate your help.

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Don't forget the mains supply.

Good for someones amusement

Quote "Don't forget the mains supply."

Please explain this "Mains Supply" to me. I looked up some info on the web but it didnt make sense to me and what I was doing.
There is nothing on the back of the pre--power amps or reciever.

There are two plugs for waht looks like a way to run a power cord to a outlet. One is "Switched" and says total 300 VA max.
The other is "Unswitched" and has a total of 700VA max.
Like I said, these look as though there should be a cord that runs to a outlet. I don't remember having one on there.

They are working right now with the smaller speakers which beats a blank. But it would be nice to be able to use the custom speakers.
I will try to send in a pic for you to see.

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Hi Brian,

It looks good what you have connected,the "mains supply " means that you have to connect the power-cords to the mains outlets in the wall,the electricity i mean but you did otherwise the system can not be turned on .
The switched outlets on your amp is to connect the cd-player or tuner or what else from audio-stuff and by doing this all the equipement will turn on if you turn on the amp.
The unswitched will not turn the equipement on but you have to switch them on yourself.
Those outlets are there to make it simpler to connect,so you dont have to run all your mains cable from each equipement to a plug in the house.
the cable that you left over is an audiocable with a red and white rca connector,used to connect other stuff like a cd-player.
You still have to connect an antenna to the tuner,the connections on the left side if you look at the back.
It is possible that you have sound from the tuner but low or with distortion becouse you did not connect the antenna,this is a simple wire that has 2 connections that goes to the 300 ohm input of the tuner and averige 3 meter long that you have to hook up like a T ,spread the ends like a T.
Also very importend:speakerwire has to be connected + = red and - = black,respect that on both side as well on the amp as on the speakers! if not you will have a lack of bass and no correct stereo sound.
If the big speakers dont work,they are maybe dead,if the small work ,the big has to work if they are ok.
Try allways to use a decent speakercable ,not a thinn wire,you can compare it with water that has to come out of a tube,if the tube is small,water comes out but with low speed and no pressure,becouse you never can have lot of pressure with small tube ,if you hook up a large tube water will come with speed and pressure,same thing with sound,both work but what a difference. Hope you can do some more now. Koen