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Grundig TK 46- Motor Required - Regarding.

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Can any body help in giving Grundig Tk 46 Motor. I will pay cost for it. Iam from India and also suggest me how to send money.

Thanking You
Very truly YOurs

karuna Kumar

tk 46 motor enq

Dear Karunji,

pl.send me the details of the motor.photograph if possible.
I am from india.What happend to the old motor?


Marathe Manjiri

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Grundig TK 46 Motor Regarding

Dear Mr.Marathe Manjiri
This Old Motor winding burnt by the time of me receiving the Tape recorder.
This is a special type of winding. All the coils has to be winded on the internal core and this core has to go to an another external core with hydralic Press. Here I contacted the local motor winders and they expressed their inability in winding this motor. If you have one motor please let me know the the cost. I am also from India and My email ID is karunasuvarchala@yahoo.co.in .
Also I would like to have your email Id for future communication.
awaiting for your reply
Thanking You
Very truly Yours

Karuna Kumar