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Hafler DH-500

hello everyone,
Thanks to hifiengine for being there
it's a nice place

David Hafler DH_500
yes questions.. mind-buggling stuff

-the two main caps are 20,000uF 100V each
double their value ?
40,000uF 100V better ?

what are the usual problems on this amp
it dosent work anymore
i can change caps , rewire ect
for checking Bias stuff or having a check on transistors
i would need directions and advises ,
you're welcome

i want to keep this amp,

the input impedance is 47K OHM at 2.35 volts for a full 255 W.pr.ch. -8 ohm
is it balanced with any modern hi-fi preamp ? is it alwright ?

any informations will be appreciated

Hafler DH-500

I would not go to 40,000uf; 22 or 25k at the most.
'Doesn't work' kind of leaves us guessing; does it power up with no output? Blows fuses?
Your amp was made to be used with a pre-amp; normal line level is in the .775 to 1 volt level.