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Hardware for solid state Receivers and Amplifiers

Hi Guys.
Now that I'm retired , I can be back to my old days on repairing solid state and valve receivers here at Brazil.It is realy fun for me, so I started with some easy task. I've bought an SANSUI 1000X with minor problems, but I cannot find the part I need here . I need to replace 3 switches, witch are the same kind , for Loudness ,and Tape monitor control .They are double contact switches , that here we call H switches ; I don't know the english name for it . When you put the lever up you connect the center tapes to their upper contacts and opposite when you downward it.These from Sansui they have a flat lever that does the mechanical up/down job. I need from you guidance through some USA SITES links to buy those parts and else ( transistors & potentiometers , Resitors &capacitors etc...) together with the right name of this kind of switch.
Thank you in advance for the helping hand.
Helio Marques , Rio de Janeiro Brazil