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Harman Kardon 3081

I need a service manual/diagram for HK 3081 please. Even a borrow would get the unit done. Main Power supply looks ok, output stage looks ok built in Tuner works-no sound?

Re: Harman Kardon 3081

Are you sure about that model number? Nothing comes up, even at H-K's site.

Re: Harman Kardon 3081/3801

Er very good can't even read no wonder having trouble......try HK3801
Thanks ALAN

Re: Harman Kardon 3081/3801

Still not coming up; far as I can tell there never was an HK 3800 series. There is a Harman Kardon HK380i (as in incremental); it is listed here under stereo receivers.

Re: Harman Kardon 3081/3801

Wonderful-I really must lean to read.....HK380i is so much nearer....also impressed with information on the site. I have managed (with quite a bit of faffing with the printer) to copy out the relevant pages, thanks. Now back to the 'soldering iron'. Alan