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Harman Kardon 650 VXI dead


I am new here. Is there any chances that somebody can help me fix my amp...? Speakers just stopped to play music. I am using my headphones normally, I hear perfect everything. But on speakers... Nothing... Amp was hot when stopped working. High Current LED is glowing. I checked fuse, it is ok... I don't know what to do... Anybody can give some advice?!?! :(((

Thx to everybody in advance.

Harman Kardon 650 VXI dead

I think you have lost power to the main power amplifier. You should first check the fuses; there are probably two for the negative and positive supplies. There could be damage in the main amplifier section; if it blows fuses again you will need a tech to look at it as there will bad components.
The headphone audio comes from the pre-amp circuit.