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Harman Kardon PM665 No Phono

I'm helping an older couple sort out a few problems with their Harman Kardon system. Quite a few months back I took each unit, de-oxed it, opened things up, and just gave things a general look over to see if there were any serious issues. Luckily it was all stuff anyone could do at their kitchen table. I put it all back in their home, hooked everything up, and everything worked great!

Just last month the owner said the turntable pooped out. I checked it out, took the cartridge home to try and it worked fine. I took another turntable over I worked on to try, and it too produced no sound.

I tried running the radio and tape player through both Phono Input's and still got no sound. I checked and double checked all my connections and selector switches, tried pushing all the buttons a few times, rolled the selector switches a few times just work out any oxidation that may be there. Still nothing.

Did these units have common problems with the pre-amp or is there a fuse or fuses blown inside? I find it kind of odd that everything worked fine for several months and then up and dies one day. Everything is on a surge protector and everything else works just fine except for this function.

Any clues?

Harman Kardon PM665 No Phono

First, don't apply the audio from a radio or deck into the phono inputs; it's too high a level for the pre-amp.
I believe the PM665 has a separate power supply for the phono pre-amp; it has a fuse inside that should be checked first. If that's OK then the power needs to be tested (this is the B2 + and - , the service manual is here in the library). The phono MC MM switch may be damaged. After that, there may be a problem in the pre-amp stage for the phono.

Harman Kardon PM665 No Phono

That was my first thought as well. I just didn't have time to unhook everything to drag it home and open it up. And I wasn't about to start taking things apart in their home on their baby grand piano either.

I'm looking on the parts list for this fuse right now and it only lists two fuses which are the two in back. Am I not seeing it or is it not listed?

Maybe IF it warms up this weekend I'll stop by and bring this thing back home for a further inspection.

Thanks for the help!

Harman Kardon PM665 No Phono

I think the two fuses are on the back. If those are good there may be a problem with the phono amplifier or the power supply for the phono amp.

Harman Kardon PM665 No Phono

Those were the first things I pulled out. They looked fine when I pulled them. Were there any other posts on here that addressed this problem or had similar problems like this?