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Harmon HK550VXI Stereo Reciever

Looking to get some information on troubleshooting a Harmon HK550VXI Stereo Reciever.

The 125V 3.75A fuse keeps blowing at the input (120V60Hz). Before this happens, one of the main board (or at least, the largest board in the chassis) 3W power resistors starts humming like a son of a gun, and gets incredibly hot.

This was a freebie. I have another receiver I can use in the meantime. Just wondering if something like this has happened to anyone else, and if probable cause is worth the costs to fix.

There is a switch for the speakers on the front. 1, 2, 1 and 2, or none. I did have it set to none since nothing was hooked up at the time.


Re: Harmon HK550VXI Stereo Reciever

The power transistors for at least one channel are probably bad. This can damage driver and other transistors and other parts like resistors. Not an easy repair usually.