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Harmon Kardon AVR7000

Any one by chance have the schematics for a Harmon Kardon AVR7000
front left ch. is out

thanks alpine

Harman Kardon AVR7000 service manual

Harman Kardon AVR7000 service manual - 18.8 MB

Thanks everybody for looking

Thanks everybody for looking and a big thanks to sbirov for uploading the manual.

Harmon Kardon AVR7000

…actually on review I do appear to have the AVR7200 as well. If you think that will get you close enough wrt AVR7000 let me know & I will ‘’attempt’’ to attach it as a file in reply. And I say ‘’attempt’’ because it is 20.2MB large (184 pgs), which is a bit too large to email, so if there are any size restrictions on this blog wrt attachment size that may nix it, too.
FWIW I also have a Reduced File Size (via Acroread) version that is 17.2MB large, and the schematics/figures did not suffer too much in the compression.

Harmon Kardon AVR7000

I have the Harmon Kardon AVR8000 Srvc Man, 23MB (!), but have no clue how similar they may be, ckt-wise.