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heathkit w-5m tube amp restore?

I have a w-5m amp just 1. I bought it as junk 30 years ago i want to bring it back to operation before i let it go but i wonder if i should recap it or leave it alone? I am going to try "reforming" first bringing it up slow with a variac,since most any one would want a pair if i did recap should i include a second set of identical parts for the next person down the road?Also there are 2 resisters that go from the first 12au7 in parallel to ground that do not show up on assembly photos or schematics one is 270 ohms the other burned open any clue on this ?if in parallel wouldn't they be of the same rating?Transformers show no opens.any help or suggestions appreciated.

Re: heathkit w-5m tube amp restore?

Something that old needs new electrolytics installed at the very least. That resistor sounds like cathode bias; the tube it goes to may be bad now. I would want it put back to original unless I knew what the modification was for (possibly to get better frequency response, or because they didn't have the correct value). The tube may be shorted if the resistor burned open.
I think it's a waste of time to try to reform capacitors; just replace them.

Re: heathkit w-5m tube amp restore?

Thanks for your comment I just don't know how much to do before sending it on being as it is only 1 unit.Recapping is no problem and i would prefer to do it.If I am reading this right the two resisters in question are coming of pin 8[cathode] of one half a 12au7 off this same pin is a .1mfd cap that goes to the grid[pin2] of one half of the next 12au7 the resisters are in parallel only one burned i will check tube for shorts and will remove the resisters as they are not in the parts list or assembly drawings.Thank you