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help with pioneer SE-Q404 plug wireing

I have a pioneer SE-Q404 4ch headphone bought new in around 76-77.
years later my dog (great dog) chewed the plugs off and never had a good headphone like them ever since. I was looking over some of my old pioneer equipment which need some clean up and restoring.

I don't understand the wiring and would like to repair this headset. The colors are green, red and copper and there is no casing separating the wires. Are these wire varnished so they don't short between one and another? And what would the individual color code be? or where would I find a new cord for the head set. I won't need the 4 channel but just a good quality 2 channel replacement.

I have pioneer sx950 am/fm needs some stereo amp work, RT-707 reel player needs speed control work, cross overs for 120 watt pioneer speakers, needle for my techniques turntable, still have a good collection of rock n Roll albums and boxes of recorded reels. The 8 tracks are gone and the recorder ate tapes. Still have the cassettes and player, but they never was much good. It is now my goal to revive this and shake some pictures off the walls again. I enjoyed this stereo for over 20 years then bought new pioneer equipment and the cds and does not match what the old system put out.

Is there anyway of making SDHC cards work and produce good acoustics? That is the only modern thing that I would miss because you can put a complete library and play list on without having to change albums. That RT707 worked well because I recorded my own play list and that would play both sides without messing with the albums. And my albums are still in good shape because I always recorded them to 8 track, then reals, then to cassettes. Cassettes was portable but never really sound that good when cranked up. Well that's a little nostalgia for you.

If I could find some help with that SE-Q404 head set, that would be great, thanks in advance.