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Help repair Pioneer Elite SC 25

When I plugged in SC25 Standby bright blue light on. but the display does not work. Wan to turn it off. I press the Standby 10s it off .when I press the Stanby to turn, on display SC25 appears POWER ON and are not active. I tried unplug and plug back and hold Stanby 10S it off. Once turned on,the display SC25 appears POWER ON. and buttons and remote are not working. I cant' reset as guide SC25 I use these speakers are 8 ohm. Did not examine the entire matter. I suggest detailed step by step guide to fix this situation. I was in Hanoi Vietnam PIONEER service pack, but they do not know what to do with PIONEER Elite SC25. because they have not seen it ever. I appreciate your help but I do not see how to solve it