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Heybrook C3 / P3 pre / power amp

I have moved to the US and my local Hi Fi repair shop cannot work out how to convert the voltage from UK 240 volts to US so I can use them here. Do you know if a step up voltage transformer will work and if so will. I did try a 300 watt step up converter and did did not work - It kept cutting out. Was this due to me needing a bigger one?

Thanks (I'm not tecnical)...Cheers!

Heybrook C3/P3

Yes, a step up converter should work fine as it's only the mains voltage that is important to the amp, not the frequency. However, the current draw from the transformer in the power amp will be quite high so you'll need a decent sized device. For example, if the mains fuse rating of the power amp is 3A you'd need at least a 720W output step-up transformer (3A x 240V = 720W).


Thank you Heybrook C3/P3 - can the step up be too big?

Great thanks! I saw a 3000 watt unit for about $150 (new) that did not need hard wiring just plug in. Is this too big or there no such thing as too big?

Thanks again! John