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Heybrook Signature service manuals

Hi all, I am in desperate need of a repair manual/schematic for my Heybrook Signature pre-amp and power amp or a link to same. It was manufactured before 1993... have been trawling the web in search of this, to no avail.
Help! I need music :(

Heybrook Signature

I've yet to find either a user or a service manual for the Heybrook Signatures and sadly the original company is long gone. FWIW the only thing to go wrong with mine have been the string arrangement for the volume controls, easily fixed by replacing the potentiometers with stepped attenuators, and one of my power amps (I own two) blowing the fuse in the power supply, which was traced to the bridge rectifier (£4 for a higher rated replacement).


Heybrook Signature

Thanks for your prompt reply, if I ever find user/service manual, I will upload it to the engine! Your comment on the bridge rectifier has given me a promising lead.

Best wishes