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HH Scott 636S Manuals & Schematics HELP!!!

Somebody must have schematics or something on this model.
It is almost as impossible as finding knobs for it.

Have been chasing down a problem with a channel. One side is louder than the other and I am scratching my head on this one. I have tried changing the transistors, poking around for bad soldering and resoldering, recapped ones that had glue all over the base just in case it was a bad capacitor. I am not willing to give up. Someone please help.


HH Scott 636S Manuals & Schematics HELP!!!

Is it a power amp, control amp, receiver?

If it is an integrated amplifier then you will need to determine where the gain is different. The easiest way is to swap left and right audio from the tone amplifier or pre-amplifier; if it changes, the problem is before the amplifier stage. If you have an oscilloscope it makes the job much easier.