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Hitachi D-900(LO-D D-900)

Hi, I hope someone will be able to upload a service manual for the Hitachi D-900,(LO-D D-900) cassette deck. Thanks.

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HITACHI D-900 deck

Hi, if you're still interested in a copy of the service manual i'll be able to provide it to you.

Pls. inform.



HITACHI D-900 deck


May you know the exact flywheel belts dimension for this deck? One year ago i removed them and i can't find those belts anymore. Any help woud be appreciated. Thanks in advance Gérard

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HITACHI D-900 deck

Hello Gérard. Turntable needles dot com lists the flywheel (capstan) belt as a flat belt, small, 10.2". Other smaller belts are also needed in this unit. Check their website which has a very useful "Player Search" feature with thousands of models. Good luck!


HITACHI D-900 deck

Hi there,

Merci beaucoup, it's very kind of you. I didn't know this site. Gérard