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HK 430 Fuse Help

Hey folks,

I have an HK 430 that blew a fuse and I am not experienced in differentiating between the sizes.

The one that blew is a 3A 250v, but in doing a quick search it looks like there are several sizes of this fuse. Can anyone tell me what the right way to measure the fuse is so when I am looking for replacements I can grab the right ones?

I realize the best way would be to take the fuse to the local store to see if I can make a match, but I had some surgery and am unable to get there very easily.



Re: HK 430 Fuse Help

I recently bought a 430 on eBay and 6 of the 8 fuses were incorrect; one installed was a 30 amp. The 3 amp fuses used are all standard fast blow (not slo-blo). I recommend checking all the fuses; they are labeled. 5 are inside, and you need to take the top lid and bottom panel off to get to them.