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HK T40: Wiring Connections To Headshell?

Hi out there--

I have a Harman Kardon T40. I was attempting to try a replacement cartridge, and instead of removing the wires from the cartridge, for some crazy reason I succeeded in pulling the wires off the headshell by accident. I have no clue as to how to replace the wires correctly. Can anyone please help? I have the diagram on how to reconnect the wires to the cartridge (Ortofon LM 10) but the T40 manual doesn't indicate how the wires are configured on it's headshell. Thanks!

Harman-Kardon T40 Turntable

Hi epfoldes!

The connecting leads for tonearm HK T40:

White - Left channel
Red - Right channel
Blue - Left channel ground
Green - Right channel ground



To Soksuska--

Hi, thanks for the reply, but the headshell pins are not labeled or color-coded.

I can't wire the cartridge to the headshell because I can't tell which color goes where on the headshell.

If I'm looking at the headshell from the rear, right-side-up, can you tell me which color leads connect to the:

Upper Left Pin
Lower Left Pin
Upper Right Pin
Lower Right Pin