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How can I make three amps (1 A/V Receiver, 1 Pioneer SA-9800 and Pioneer SX-3900) share the same pair of polk speakers?

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Hey Audio/Video masters,

I have three amplifiers (1 A/V Marantz Receiver SR-5008, 1 Pioneer SA-9800 and Pioneer SX-3900 ) and I just bought a pair of Monitor Polk 70. I also have a JBL Surround sys that will be connected directly to my A/V Receiver. I would like to add the Polk speakers to my A/V Receiver when watching movies. The challenge is how to share the polk towers with three amplifiers. I also have a Pioneer Program selector U-24 that will be used to hook up all my toys or part of them. Please help me.


Re: How can I make three amps (1 A/V Receiver, 1 Pioneer ...

Some sort of speaker selector/switch box should do it? You could probably use a multiple speaker one wired in reverse (you would have to be careful not to switch two amps in circuit at once).

A comparator switch like the TC-7220 would be safer, although it only works with two amplifiers