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How Do I Send a Manual to this site?

Hi all, I have been a member of HiFi Engine for about a year, and have downloaded many manuals. I now have some manuals (scanned in PDF Format) that HiFi does not have. How do I send a manual, to this site. I have looked at all of the pages, BUT NOWHERE does it tell you how to send a manual. Could someone please tell me, or better yet, how about posting a page on the site?

Please if you are responding, do not use short forms, as I am using the Public Library's computer system, as home internet is out of my financial reach (More money for audio ... Ha!) Shortcuts are disabled on the Public Library's system, so that is the reason for the non-short form issue.

I have about 25 manuals that I would like to send to HiFi Engine.

Thanks for your site, and thanks for the answers to my question.

Rob Savage!