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How Not To Report Errors/Ommisions

Help with fixing errors/omissions is always appreciated, but there are right and wrong ways to go about this.

I'm in the process of making this easier by adding a form specifically for this purpose, but for now I thought it would be useful to include a few recent examples to illustrate good and bad examples ;)

The Right Way to Report Errors/Ommisions

Dear sir, there is a little mistake on specs of the Sony TC-K81, it is a three head deck as shown in the service manual, not a two head deck. Best regards.

Infinity Quantum 4
There are a couple of errors in the specifications:
the Q4 is a 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system, not 4 driver.
The Midbass: 1 x 100mm driver, listed in the specifications, actually is not present in this model.
All the best
(owner of a nice pair of Infinity Quantum 4)

Hello, I think there is a mistake about Kenwood KX-9050/S this machine as 3 heads and you wrote 2 heads. It is in the manual.
Sincerely omegaxp45

The Wrong Way to Report Errors/Ommisions

You have a ERROR on the Nakamichi RX-505 page.
It lists years made 1984-1993 WRONG I have a PHOTO of one from 1983. I made a list of REAL years and serial numbers. People are always asking the year made.

  • Hi
    Thanks for your message
    All specs in the library are compiled from documentation, catalogues, brochures, magazines etc.
    If you have documented evidence (for verification) of additional dates it can be uploaded via the upload form.
    Best Regards

I uploaded a PHOTO of a 1983 RX-505 for you.
There you can see quite a few own 1983 RX-505s. Not sure why many sites will list the first run as 1984.

  • Hi again
    As already stated, the specs here are all taken from original documents, catalogues, brochures and magazines from the time etc. I don't include data published on other websites, or in forum posts, as I have no way of verifying it. Your photo only shows a blurry serial number, not a date?

    As for the year range, it is generally the time the model was marketed for sale, not production dates. A page may not include all years a model was available, only those which I have evidence for.

    I can't really comment on the accuracy of data on other sites. I know that many people have copied data from the HiFi Engine and Vinyl Engine databases, but they often include errors/ommisions that have since been corrected as the site here is constantly updated as new documents become available, and typos/errors are fixed.

    Best Regards

Well you have INACURATE data on the site! I gave you a PHOTO of a actual unit!
They made over 2,000 units in 1983 FACT. Someone probably typed in the date WRONG, happens all the time with computer data entry.

And I have a 1983 stereo review of it somewhere in my house.
All that plus a PHOTO of a ACTUAL 1983 unit and several others that own 1983 units.
That should be more than enough information for you.

  • Hi again

    OK, there seems to be some confusion/a language issue here?

    Please read carefully my previous messages, and the 'Reporting Errors and Omissions' thread in the requests section - it clearly states how errors and omissions should be reported, including the need to supply supporting documentation before making a report (unless the document is already on the site). A link to a webpage where someone claims the deck was made in 1983 is not evidence.

    As this is clearly going around in circles, I'm closing this request to new posts. However, if you upload a scan of the magazine page from 1983 I will be happy to take a look at it.


I spent quite a bit of time trying to help this site with this update. Rather than thank people for attempting to help they are BLOCKED fom replyng.
I uploaded a PHOTO - someone deleted it. I did RESEARCH that took time and again, was treat with disrespect by a person with initials TaS.
You need to DEFINE what is considered supporting documentation. And also show me what YOUR source of information is, show a REAL example of what you use to list dates.
Blocking is RUDE and child like.

  • I don't appreciate your attitude and would ask that you refrain from sending any further messages / opening any new requests on this subject. Abuse of the contact system will result in account closure

    Sorry, but no further support is available for this topic beyond that already stated. This subject is closed.


Please take me off you site. Do not send me any more messages do not ask for any help. And be sure to not to change, stay an asshole you are good at it.
I think If I flew the ex heads of Nakamichi to your home you would still say "Thats not enough information". Yet you never list what is considered "Good" information. I ask for an example, it falls on deaf ears.
You provide vague information to users. Web links are maybe a HINT that you have something wrong. Maybe do your own research. You will continue to get errors do to vagueness and unwillingness to accept change.
You need to go to couth camp.
Fuck you very much.
Have a nice day!

  • Account closed as requested