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How to separate a Carver HR-732 AV Receiver into Pre Out & Main In?

I bought a Carver HR-732 knowingly dead. I then found out the varistors were broken thru, transformer primary was fried...., Anyway, I managed to bridge it to lite up again, w/o its circuitry.

Now I wonder if anyone can supply me with ciruit diagrams (schematic and physical) and show me how and where to separate this receiver into two parts: "pre out" and "main in".

This machine was made in Japan. Poorly designed, with less-than good materials, like the pcb material. many SCR's, diodes, IN4184's, triodes were over-heating the boards, display backlite blown. Some ego posters here or somewhere else (not sure) blamed the Japanese made Carvers badly. But I can't agree per se. Japanese made and still make the world's best electronic products, (except those made outside Japan). Japan has the most serious workforce, strongest smt and wave-soldering equipment and equipment manufacturers in the world. Furthermore, no oem manufacturers would ever override the principals' design and pmo. (for those)Guys: don't speak before you think.

Thanks for reading.

I found the point to separate the pre-out - Carver HR-732

Finally I got hold of schematic diagrams of HR-732 and HR-742, comparing both, as shown in the latter, the point to separate is the "Hologram Out".

How to separate the pre from main Carver HR-732

w/o circuitry and response, as yet, i wish to ask one more time if any technical experts out there can help?

i studied the pcb, found an ic an7062 which i think is the pre amp ic from pdf available. can i simply split the outputs to rca jacks directly from pins 8 & 11 or something more complicated than i think?