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Howard Model K

This may be too vintage; but does anyone have a manual for the Howard Chassis Model K superheterodyne radio? Thanks, Mike

Re: Howard Model K

I was going to recommend a site called NostalgiaAir; they have a Resources page that lists Howard but they seem to have missed the K chassis. Do you have a model number? It may be listed under that.

The K chassis is listed in Riders manuals, under 3-8 and 13-32. That would suggest there were two K chassis, as manual 3 was around 1933 and 13 was around 1943--ten years apart. What tubes were used? I should have both Riders manuals for the Howard K and can scan them for you.

Riders manuals may be on-line now. If you are not familiar with Riders, the first number is the manual number (3) and the second is the page under Howard; manufacturers are listed alphabetically.