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i need help for the schematic of power supply of philips dcc 730

i bought a DCC 730 from Netherlands. unfortunately, it is make in Singapore with volatge rating of 220-230V and i live in Canada with voltage of 110V.

it works fine with step up transformer but i like it to be straight forward.

i changed the jumper from 9071 to 9070 to make the pair of primary coil of transformer's connection from Brown/Blue to brown/Black, which i guess it might work.

but it does not.

In this case, i need a schematic of 730 or 951, so i can make a correct modification.

many thanks

the resistance between

the resistance between brown/blue and blue/black is 83 and 4 ohm respectively make me suspect this transformer is only capable to work on 220 and 240 volts.