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I need output transistors model numbers for a Luxman 5M21

Hello everyone,

I am repairing a Luxman 5M21 on which the output transistors have been replaced by MJ15024/MJ15025. The amp has much higher distortion figures than it should have. I am trying to get back to the original output transistor models but I don't know what was originally used by Luxman.
I would appreciate any information on this. If someone out there has a Luxman 5M21, it is very easy to read the model number of the output transistors just by looking through the top grill. Thanks. Joe.

transistors end stages


The problem is more of the stages before (driving stages), unvisible bad contacts in the print, is not so easy to reach the board. When the output transistors are good, the problem is the driving stage,,,the transistors are NLA status and hence the replacement types, but also in the driving stages the transistors are NLA,,,seek out same caracteristiques (other body! types). Wish you luck,,it is possible but difficult without schematics. The amp is from end seventies (1978-79).

Hello Joe, Luxman has

Hello Joe,

Luxman has used
Sanken 2 SA 474A and 2 SC 1116A ( selected ).




Hello artic,

thank you very much for the information. Would you by any chance have the schematic if I might ask?



Hi. What the values of

Hi. What the values of distortion you get ? Are you still interested by the Service Manual ? Thanks. Hans

service manual

Hi Hans

Do you have the SM for the 5M21 ? Looking for it because of a current repair..


Luxman 5M21

Hello Hans,

I am still interested by the service manual. Do you have it?

Thanks. Joe.

Hello Joedoc, sorry , I ´ve

Hello Joedoc,

sorry , I ´ve made a mistake : 2 SC 1116 A is correct, the other one is 2 SA 747 A ( but I have no schematics , sorry ! ).