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i need TASCAM DA-98 service manual in order to dismante the mechdeck, please help

I bought a TASCAM DA-98 from Ebay.

i found that this gear,which is driving the supply/take up guide is broken.

the problem is this gear is not mount under the deck. i assume i have to diamante almost the whole deck in order to get access to it. assuming i can get this gear from Tascam.

is there any chance i can receive a service manual on this matter?

many thanks and appreciated.

I only have the owner's

I only have the owner's manual. Let me know if that is of interest...

Tascam DA-98 Service manual

I just up loaded it to the site.
Sorry it took so long but I just bought the machine and I too needed the service manual.
It is for the DA-98HR, but should be comparable to the DA-98

Tascam DA-98 Service manual

Where is it? Can not find it. Appreciate your effect for sure.