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i need your kindly help for SONY MDS-101 schematic

i bought a broken SONY MDS-101 Minidisc deck from ebay last year.

until recently, i did not find the root cause of TOC error.

the first observation is the blown JW506 fuse.

the second is the motor to spin the disc is not working, but i do not know whether it is due to the power supply to the motor.

i would suspect the driver to the motor was out.

i would be very appreciated to have a schematic to work on it.

many thanks

i did some investigation

i did some investigation today with the help of schematic provided by Peter.

thanks Peter.

the problem is come from SPDL0, pin39 of IC205 CXA1082BQ.

it dos not change at all while loading the disc, which i guess at less have some voltage.

in this case, i have no power to further my pursuit and the attempt to restore this player was suspended.

anyone have any idea why this pin has no output? or any clue for further studying?


MDS 101

I have the servicemanual of your minidiscplayer.
Your emailadress please.


Sony mds-101

My minidisc player is also down, (drive motor will not spin, but ohms out ok). I would like to have a copy of the repair manual as well, if you please.



MDS 101

Peter, could you send me the manual as well. My MDS just went out this month.


Could not figure out how to send a private message.


what can i say?

simply fantastic.

thanks for your kindly help

have a good day