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If you had to pick one of these RTR decks - which one?

I need a new project. Not really - but since all of these decks are being sold "as-is" you know I'm gonna get one. The contenders are:

TEAC A-4010SL (auto reverse)
TEAC A-1600U ("portable" auto reverse)
Akai 1800-DSS (quad w 8-track)

My thoughts are:

None of these except the A-2300SX have exact manuals up on HFE. Is servicing going to be an issue?

We gots the manuals for the A-4010 and the A-4010GSL. It appears that the 4010SL is closer to the 4010GSL than the 4010 in performance and functions. Safe assumption?

I was surprised that the wow specs on the A-2300SX are relatively high at 0.12% It appears the A-1600U will be the same, based on the specs for the A-1600. The A-4010SL might be lower at .07% *if* that assumption that it's closer to an A-4010GSL holds up.

Is the Akai 1800-DSS a bear to service, considering it has "double everything" - 4 record and PB channels, the added 8--track mechanism...?

Performance wise I'm thinking the A-4010SL is the best of the bunch here - but what do I know? That's why I'm asking you guys. lol Servicing? Are any of these easier or worse to work on than the others?

So... which one would you pick? Thanks for any input.