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Important Notice - Email Addresses In Usernames

Please note that Email addresses are no longer permitted in usernames.

This change in policy was introduced for three reasons:

(a) to prevent spammers using profile fields to spam domain names

(b) to block spambots using email addresses in username and email fields

(c) to prevent accidental publication of email addresses on profile pages

Changed Usernames

If your username previously contained an @ symbol, the domain portion of your username has now been removed and you will need to use the new username to log in.


OLD username: username@domain.com

NEW username: username

Removed accounts

Where the NEW username was already in use, the account has been removed and it will be necessary to re-register an account.

So, for example, if your OLD username was John@domain.com and the username John was already in use, the account will have been removed and you will need to re-register using a unique username.

Apologies for any inconvenience