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Infinity RS-6000 Speakers

Has anyone ever heard that Infinity RS-6000 Speakers are called "Amp Eaters"? Or, can you please explain what that term means? My Sansui G-22000 started cooking the other day, and now I'm thinking it might have been caused by the darn speakers since I remember reading something to that effect. I was cranking the G-22000 pretty good, and then protection light started flashing, and I could smell the smoke, powered off and that's it, I'm done! Again, any assistance is appreciated.

Re: Infinity RS-6000 Speakers

Hi , I believe Infinity Kappa 9's were the AMP Killers due to the Crossover - Low Freq dropping to ~ 2 ohms. If you check out Audiokarma for info on the Kappa 9 you'll see a lot of info in this subject. I don't believe the RS-6000 is affected the same. All the best

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Re: Infinity RS-6000 Speakers

Amp eaters for sure is Kappa 8.1, 8.2, 9.1, 9.2, but not RS-6000.
Any way, any Infinity like any Dunaudio are very hard to drive by the amplifier.