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Information on Vintage Domus Loudspeakers

This is an appeal for any information on DOMUS loudspeakers. I have bought a pair of 3 way units with just one label, that says Domus Loudspeakers, on the back, no model number or any other information. With teak veneer cabinets, they have dome tweeters and larger dome mid range drivers, all of which appear to be of very good quality. The 8" woofers are in a bad state, UV damage due to missing front covers, but seem to have also been of decent quality.

The company appears to have been an American one active in the early 1970s. I would very much like to restore these unusual treasures so any information would be appreciated. They already sound really great with just rough repairs to the woofers so good quality, or original, replacements to these should produce excellent results. The crossovers also appear to be well made with decent quality components, so some work and reasonable expense would be worthwhile.

My e-mail address is: keithpickers@hotmail.co.uk helpful contacts are welcome.