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Inputs/outputs of Sherwood S-7250CP


I am testing this tuner for a friend.
Unfortunately, there is no indication which terminals are inputs and which outputs.
I have tested the outputs where the loudspeakers are wired and everything works fine with the FM signal.
I want to connect a MP3 player or a computer and I am not sure where.

Your help will be really appreciated.


Re: Inputs/outputs of Sherwood S-7250CP

From a quick google search the input board should be marked like this:

The Aux or Tape Mon inputs will accept a line level signal from an MP3 player.

Re: Inputs/outputs of Sherwood S-7250CP

Thanks JaS.

The rear panel of my tuner does not have the "phono", "aux", etc. inscriptions.
I already figured out which were the inputs.

Thank you!