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Italy, VPN and Proxy Servers

To provide a decent level of service for all visitors, it's only permitted to have one free account, and using this account you can download 20 files per day.

A small number of people choose to abuse our free service by signing up multiple accounts and either rotating their IP addresses, or using VPN/Proxy severs to bypass these download limits.

For this reason, download limits for users of VPN or Proxy severs have been reduced..

As Italy is the main source of this abuse at the moment, some Italian internet service providers have had further download limits applied. Other providers with limited downloads include Centurytel and Deutsche Telekom.

New Limits

Global VPN/Proxy Services - Limited to 5 files per day per user

IT - Telecom Italia Mobile - Limited to 5 files per day per user

IT - Wind Telecomunicazioni - Limited to 5 files per day per user

USA - Centurytel - Limited to 5 files per day per user

DE - Deutsche Telekom AG - Limited to 5 files per day per user

Account Removals
The following accounts related to this abuse have been removed:


Dozens of accounts from this figlio di puttana, here are the latest:

ANTONIO ELE - elettricotony1@gmail.com
cipollotto - 321cipollotto@gmail.com
claudye - lino15_3@libero.it
DANIELEMEZZOGORI - danielemezzogori0@gmail.com
elettrico.tony - elettrico.tony@libero.it
FILIPPOCARLI - filippocarli599@gmail.com
IVY CLAUDE - ivyclaude682@gmail.com
mauro tomasi - mauro_te@libero.it
moreno moreno - moreno90_1@libero.it
RINO NORDI - nordirino9@gmail.com
sandrotomasi - sandrotomasi99@gmail.com
silina - silinacarki@gmail.com
silviatony - silviatonyno@gmail.com
stefano folegatti - stefano_folegatti@libero.it
toninocarino - ospedaledeldelta@gmail.com
toninocrosa - tonycrs@outlook.it
tonino123 - tonyelettrico85@gmail.com
tonino1234 - tonyelettrico2015@libero.it
tonino12345 - elettrico.tony@libero.it
tonino123456 - tony.elettrico@libero.it
tonino1234567 - tony_elettrico@libero.it
tonyelettrico - tonyelettrico@live.it
tonyelettrico85 - tonyelettrico85@gmail.com
tony.elettrico - tony.elettrico@libero.it
tony_elettrico - tony_elettrico@libero.it
ualeri - banconota55@gmail.com


Pablo Bellido - pablobellido@hotmail.es
Kilde - daspe14@hotmail.com
litos1 - litospg1@hotmail.com
cigalat - cigalat95@hotmail.com