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Janis Interphase 1A

I'm new here and for starters am looking for folks that have used and/or worked on this equipment.

Service information on this equipment is scarce, apparently due to the reticence of creator John Marovskis. I have done some detective work with people who knew John, and have some stories to share. I can also offer my meager attempt at reverse engineering the power board schematic. My board is blown (the system is very weak in the protection area) and I am making plans to replace it with a board I found on eBay.

Hoping to hear from ( many of 8-} ) of you soon.


Janis amp

We used to sell those back in the day. I remember some of the amplifier PCB's required rerouting of traces because of a ground loop causing the amp to oscillate, run hot and thermally self destruct. I'm sorry but I don't have the info, it was so long ago. And no doubt there are some units there that were fixed before sent to market.