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Jensen Model 5 Speakers

I have an old pair of Jensen Model 5 speakers that need to have the Woofers replaced or the foam surrounds repaired. Can someone tell me a good replacement speaker to use to replace the 12" woofers? I would ideally like to have them drop right in with the same bolt pattern but I know that probably wont happen. If I have to surrounds repaired/replaced to use the original speakers what would be the approximate cost for that?

Thanks much for any help


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Re: Jensen Model 5 Speakers

I sent you a message with link to a website.There was and pricelist.Better repair the old speakers. If you put others you will have to recalculate the low-pass filter.
P.S.If you can repair them yourself-there are many repair kits in ebay.There are and original speakers too.How are qualitative - do not know.

Re: Jensen Model 5 Speakers

Did look at speaker refoam kits at parts express or maybe tubes and more dot com? Also found a kit for Jensen 12inch spkr. at simply speakers...