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John Linsley Hood 80 Watt Audio AMP ETI May 1989. Substitute Transistors and FET,s

Can Anybody Please Help I have a pair of Power Amplifier PCB.s and a Power Supply PCB and wish to build another of these fine Amplifiers. But I am Having dificulty obtaining some of the semiconductors :- BC447, BC448, BF870, VN1210M and 2N5459. Can anybody suggest modern replacements.

Many thanks

Martin Baugh

John Linsley Hood 80 Watt Audio AMP ETI May 1989. ...

A great place to find quick cross references of semiconductors is NTE http://www.nteinc.com Just type in your part number (e.g.BC 448), and it will give you a substitute NTE stock number. Mouser electronics http://www.mouser.com and Newark electronics http://www.newark.com have huge selections of parts by number. They will sell you one, two or a hundred. You may even find direct modern equivalents with the same number at those last two sites but with a letter at the end signifying environmental compliance (no lead, etc.) or a slightly improved plate dissipation, noise figure and so on.
At NTE I quickly found substitutes for BC448, BC447, 2N5459. Read the results and check the DATASHEETS to confirm case style, pin configuration (CBE orEBC etc.). Sometimes the substitute has to be mounted flat side opposite from old transistor. You'll see that in the reference results or data sheet.
Good Luck!