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JVC 4VR-1006 Receiver

Hi, I recently purchased a JVC 4VR-1006 receiver. I have searched on the database and there is no manual for the 4VR 1006, but there is for a 4MM 1000 - which looks very similar, if not the same. Can someone please advise if these two models are in fact the same unit?


Re: JVC 4VR-1006 Receiver

Hi Steve

I have recently bought this model of JVC receiver and have the manual wit it so time permitting I will try to upload the manual later but basic specs indicated are:

FM/AM 4 Channel Receiver with CD-4 Demodulator
IHF dynamic power: 64W at 8 Ohm
Cotinuous power: 40W at 8 Ohm (4 CH drive)
Power bandwidth: 20-30,000 Hz
Frequency response: 20-25,000 Hz