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JVC 4VR-5456 400w 4CH receiver

I bought this in 1975, used it for 5 years, had to store away for a few months then when I brought it out and switch it on...BANG!!So it has been stored away for 29 years in the hope that one day.. I might get it fixed!
Now with the WWW Internet there is just a glimmer of hope.Went to Earls Court HiFi show in 1975 where JVC had a special sound chamber where no two sides were the same. They totally blew everybody away with the Discrete Quadraphonic sound. So I bought one a 5436 to start then the JVC 4VR-5456 in 1975. Only 5 years use though..

JVC 4VR-5456 Receiver

Oops, mr. Hall :) What is your request? Any help to fix it? Any info where and how to fix it? Or you want to find any service papers? Sorry, I can't understand you...

JVC-4VR-5456 Spares

Hi Caffrox,
Any sources known for spares, probably amplifiers at top of list.Have dialled in some other component parts and found supplier in Switzerland! Have downloaded Service Manual so big step forward there.
Can wait bit longer but not another 29 years!! And it was Woops, Apocalypse!!
Many Thanks