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JVC JR-S401 Power Switch

I wonder if there's anybody else bothering to play with these old JVC units ?
If there is, can anyone offer some suggestions for a replacement power switch ?
My unit model is UK spec, about 1980 ish. The switch is listed as JVC part number QSP0020-002BS and when taken out proves to be an "Alps" horizontal push snap switch
with the following numbers printed on it .... M 053, TV-5, SDU 4P
I don't want to risk putting in a wrong replacement and blowing the unit (there were the beginnings of the odd spark and a scary burning smells from the original switch)

Re: JVC JR-S401 Power Switch

I had a similar problem,

I replaced it with this, which is almost the same:



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Re: JVC JR-S201

Hi Alan,

Not too many people know about JVC receivers, you seem to be the man on this
subject. I have a JVC JR-S201 but have not been able to find a manual. I have two
meters on this stereo, the bulb is out on one of them. When I opened the unit up and
cut the bad bulb out I noticed there were no markings on it that told me what power
it was. I think this was typical of receivers that were made in Japan in 1978. They have
a number of small light bulbs on Amazon, from 1.5V all the way to 6V. Do you have any
idea what the bulb rating would be? Much obliged if you know or could point me toward the
right bulb.

Frank in NYC

Re: JVC JR-S401 Power Switch

thank you for your info my hitachi sr-503l receiver power switch went bad so i will be ordering a new one from germany. thanks again.