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JVC R-S33 Service manual and Operators manual needed/ Bad Capacitor

I am looking for a service/owners manual for a R-S33 JVC Receiver.

Just picked this receiver up for $25.00. Opened it up and found one heck of a mess. I don't know where this thing has been, but I have never seen anything like it. Outside looked good, inside looked like someone had this receiver over a stove that was only used to cook greasie food.

Got most of that cleaned. Then found a bad super capasitor. The ones in this unit have three posts. Can't find exact replacements.

Any help in finding replacements would also be helpful. Below are the numbers on the capacitor.

CE 08210 56V 8700 uf. Size is 60mmx30mm The + and - Posts are 15mm centered and the third post is centered to the right. Not shure what the third post does, unless it is used to stabelize the cap.