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JVC R-S33 Service Manual Wanted

Recently, I purchased an old friend back, one that I had new back in the late 70's I think, a JVC R-S33 receiver. It needs some attention and I would like to find a service/repair manual for it. The lights are out on the dial which needs replacing and I have no idea on what to get.

Re: JVC R-S33 Service Manual Wanted

Yessir, it would be great to have one on board. I'm having the same problem. There are tons of them all over the place, lots of people have them (even rave about them), but yet no one seems to have hung onto the owner's manual with the schematic, much less any copies of the service manual.

I feel your pain.

Not being an EE, trying to find a bulb for it has taken the better part of two days, and I'm no closer than I was two days ago.

Alas, JVC...